Maze Solving Robot

This is a maze solving robot that I built. The robot will go through the maze twice. The first run is to explore and learn the maze. The second run it will learn from its mistakes and go directly to the finish line.

Arduino Classes

We will be holding Arduino classes every 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month starting May 23rd at the Norwalk Library. These meetings will consist of a half hour of class/lab on using the Arduino board to learn about programmable electronics. These will be hands on sessions with motors, sensors, blinking led’s and much more. After the labs we will devote the remaining time to working on your own personal or group projects. Bring in your current robotics projects and you’ll find a community of knowledgeable people who are interested in your work and who will help you with your project. More details to follow. Comment below to let us know what kind of classes you would be interested in an

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