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Reasons To Become A Makers' Guild Member

Membership gives you access to the space and all of the tools and equipment.  This includes a small machine shop, a variety of 3D printers, numerous hand tools, soldering stations and more.  


You also get access to a community of very knowledgeable people who can help you tackle that project you have been wanting to start but not sure if you have all the technical know how. Membership is currently restricted to our adult maker community (18 yrs+). 

Access to all of the tools at the makerspace.  Some tools may require certification with a resident maker.

Access to a thriving community of makers, artists, and engineers

24 hour access to the FCMG Makerspace

Access our Resident Maker program where you can book time with a resident maker who will assist you.

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Student Intern Memberships


We are happy to offer a student intern membership for a discounted rate.  The student membership will require a time commitment and scheduled maintenance tasks throughout the month.  The student must adhere to the below agreement in order to maintain the membership. 

All candidates will be interviewed by a board member before enrollment into the program at which time a review of the requirements and rules will be presented. 

Requirements for enrollment

  • Age: 18+ years old

  • Current and actively enrolled student with student ID

  • Board member interview and application

  • 10 hours per month assisting board members in various maker space maintenance tasks

  • Lead 1 workshop per month in your given expertise 

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